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語る(KATARU); A Japanese term which describes serious, thoughtful communication, usually in a business setting.

Dai-ichi Life Insurance Myanmar is part of the Dai-ichi Life Group, a leading life insurance group from Japan. For over 118 years, the Group has been offering long-term financial protection and life insurance services to customers and their families across 9 countries—Japan, USA, Australia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and now, Myanmar.

Since our founding in 1902, our brand promise of “People First” has been guiding the Dai-ichi Life Group. We are committed to serving “people”—our customers, shareholders, investors, employees, and the communities that we serve—first, and creating a company culture that values them.

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At Dai-ichi Life Insurance Myanmar, guided by our "People First" Philosophy, we are committed to serving “people”. If you share the same belief as us, join us today for a rewarding career.